Month: Februar 2023

OP Spikes After Coinbase Launches Base on OP Stack!

• Coinbase announced the launch of its Layer-2 platform Base on Optimism’s OP stack.
• The news saw Optimism token OP surge 16% and hit highs of $3.10 on Coinbase.
• Market activity was also up, with data from CoinGecko showing trading volume rose nearly 90%.

Coinbase Launches Base on Optimism’s OP Stack

Coinbase announced the launch of its Layer-2 platform Base on Optimism’s OP stack. This news saw Optimism token OP surge 16% and hit highs of $3.10 on Coinbase.

Optimistic Rollups to Increase Transaction Speed

Base is built upon Optimistic Rollups to increase transaction speed, reduce gas fees and offer a secure, low-cost and developer-friendly platform for people to create, deploy or interact with decentralized apps. The project’s goal is to onboard the next 1 billion or more people into the crypto space, according to Coinbase.

Market Activity Up After News

Market activity was also up after the announcement of Base being launched on Optimism’s OP stack. Data from CoinGecko showed trading volume had risen nearly 90% in the past 24 hours to over $733 million. Furthermore, a bullish flip in the relative strength index suggests bulls are in control.

Optimism Price Reaches All Time Highs

The news saw another unrelated cryptocurrency called Base Protocol spike more than 250%, while the price of Optimism jumped 16%. With such positive sentiment across the community, optimism price reached its all-time high of $3.19 in early February this year and it is likely that it could go on to hit a new ATH soon.


Overall, this news has been highly beneficial for both optimism token holders as well as those who have invested in Base Protocol coin holders as prices skyrocketed following this announcement by Coinbase . With market activity increasing and bullish sentiment surging across both communities there is potential for further growth for these tokens over time if current trends continue

MATIC Price Surges 13%! Can It Keep Going Higher?

• Polygon (MATIC) price jumped 13% to $1.45, propelled by major network developments and partnerships.
• The latest surge is part of a bullish run that began two days ago, when MATIC hit lows of $1.14.
• The upcoming launch of Polygon zkEVM on 27 March 2023 could drive the MATIC price even higher.

Polygon (MATIC) Price Rises 13%

The Polygon (MATIC) price has jumped 13%, reaching a high of $1.45 amid a major rally for cryptocurrencies. This surge in value comes from several developments and partnerships within the network.

Bullish Run for MATIC Price

This is not the first time the MATIC price has seen an increase in recent days, as it had already been climbing over the last two days from lows of $1.14 on Tuesday. This momentum has been fueled by positive sentiment across the cryptocurrency market, with Bitcoin’s value moving above $25,000, as well as other significant events in the crypto world such as Square Enix’s Web3 game launch on Polygon and Plague of Frogs coming to the blockchain too.

zkEVM Mainnet Launch Could Propel Price Further

The upcoming launch of Polygon zkEVM on 27 March 2023 has been cited by experts as one possible catalyst that could push the MATIC token’s value even higher due to its ability to revolutionize blockchain transactions with frictionless scaling on Ethereum. Crypto trader and investor Luke Martin believes this may be driving today’s pump in price action.

Recent Developments Behind Surge

Key developments around Square Enix and National Geographic’s adoption of Polygon have also contributed to today’s rally for MATIC tokens, further boosting its value to $1.45 at present levels which was previously trading at just $1.28 before the surge began earlier today..

Can It Go Higher?

It remains unclear if MATIC can maintain these gains or go even higher in coming weeks ahead but it appears likely that support will hold at current levels around $1.40 should prices retreat from hereon out due to ongoing network developments and partnerships contributing towards its success so far this year

Aave Launches GHO Stablecoin on Ethereum Goerli Testnet

•Aave has deployed its native stablecoin GHO on the Ethereum Goerli testnet.
•The GHO mainnet launch is pending community discussion and approval via Aave DAO.
•It will compete with Maker’s DAI stablecoin and other leading DeFi protocols that have issued their own native stablecoins.

Aave Deploys GHO Stablecoin

Aave, one of the leading crypto decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols, has successfully deployed its native stablecoin GHO on Ethereum’s Goerli testnet. The GHO codebase is now available for potential adopters and developers to access and test before it is released to the general public on Ethereum.

GHO Mainnet Launch Pending Community Discussion

The launch of the GHO mainnet depends on community discussions and approval through the Aave DAO which is in charge of Aave governance through proposals and voting. The DeFi community has been eagerly anticipating the release of the stablecoin since August last year when Aave’s community overwhelmingly supported its development.

Stiff Competition from MakerDAO

As Aave ventures into the space of issuing a native stablecoin, it will face stiff competition from rival DeFi protocols like Maker that have already released their own versions. Currently, MakerDAO’s DAI is leading as one of the largest decentralized stablecoins with Curve, another renowned DeFi protocol also developing crvUSD as a rival to DAI and GH0.

Aave’s Current Position Within DeFi Space

Despite this competition, Aave enjoys a good position within the cryptocurrency borrowing and lending industry with total value locked (TVL) at $7.15 billion giving it an advantage over competitors in terms of adoption rate once launched to the public mainnet.


Ultimately, while everyone awaits for more details regarding GH0’s launch date, one can only hope that this new addition to DeFi space brings more innovation as well as better services than those already existing in form of other native stablecoins such as MakerDAOs DAI and Curve’s crvUSD

Equinoz’s NFT Artwork Sold Out In 4 Minutes On PlayNomm Marketplace

• Equinoz’s ‚Cybernetics‘ artwork was sold out in 4 minutes on NFT marketplace playNomm.
• The auction buyout was 40,120 LM, equivalent to US$ 16,937.
• This is the second pre-drop edition of the upcoming „NFT Korea Festival“ in March.

Equinoz’s Sold Out Artwork In 4 Minutes

Equinoz’s one of Superchief Gallery NFT artists‘ artwork was sold out at its highest buyout of US$16,000 in just 4 minutes on January 31st. The auction was carried out on NFT marketplace playNomm (CEO, Sung-Uk Moon). This artwork is a part of the second pre-drop edition of the upcoming „NFT Korea Festival“ in March.

About Equinoz

Equinoz is a 3D artist who creates delicate and intertwined images between virtual and reality, under the theme of „Visible Future“. He is an active artist selling on many other NFT platform such as Open Sea and Super Rare, and also works in various fields such as games, commercial videos, music, clothing brands etc.

First Drop Auction Results

This is not the first time that an art work has been featured on PlayNomm for a pre-drop event of NFT Korea Festival Artwork. The 1st drop was Shavonne Wong’s ‚Light in the Shadow‘ which was sold for 65,800LM equivalent to US$26,776.

Upcoming “NFT Korea Festival”

The NFT Korea Festival will be held from 7th – 8th March at DDP Seoul with 120 Global and Korean NFT artists displaying their artworks along with renowned Web 3.0 leaders delivering their thoughts about this festival. This festival will be collaborating with Superchief Gallery NTF and many more exciting events are expected at this festival.

About PlayNomm

PlayNomm is an innovative service platform which falls under LeisureMetaverse project and it is used as an online marketplace for buying/selling digital content like artwork or video games etc using blockchain technology