Equinoz’s NFT Artwork Sold Out In 4 Minutes On PlayNomm Marketplace

• Equinoz’s ‚Cybernetics‘ artwork was sold out in 4 minutes on NFT marketplace playNomm.
• The auction buyout was 40,120 LM, equivalent to US$ 16,937.
• This is the second pre-drop edition of the upcoming „NFT Korea Festival“ in March.

Equinoz’s Sold Out Artwork In 4 Minutes

Equinoz’s one of Superchief Gallery NFT artists‘ artwork was sold out at its highest buyout of US$16,000 in just 4 minutes on January 31st. The auction was carried out on NFT marketplace playNomm (CEO, Sung-Uk Moon). This artwork is a part of the second pre-drop edition of the upcoming „NFT Korea Festival“ in March.

About Equinoz

Equinoz is a 3D artist who creates delicate and intertwined images between virtual and reality, under the theme of „Visible Future“. He is an active artist selling on many other NFT platform such as Open Sea and Super Rare, and also works in various fields such as games, commercial videos, music, clothing brands etc.

First Drop Auction Results

This is not the first time that an art work has been featured on PlayNomm for a pre-drop event of NFT Korea Festival Artwork. The 1st drop was Shavonne Wong’s ‚Light in the Shadow‘ which was sold for 65,800LM equivalent to US$26,776.

Upcoming “NFT Korea Festival”

The NFT Korea Festival will be held from 7th – 8th March at DDP Seoul with 120 Global and Korean NFT artists displaying their artworks along with renowned Web 3.0 leaders delivering their thoughts about this festival. This festival will be collaborating with Superchief Gallery NTF and many more exciting events are expected at this festival.

About PlayNomm

PlayNomm is an innovative service platform which falls under LeisureMetaverse project and it is used as an online marketplace for buying/selling digital content like artwork or video games etc using blockchain technology