Paul Tudor Jones: investing in bitcoin is like investing in early Apple or Google.

Paul Tudor Jones, founder and Chief Investment Officer of Tudor Investment, compared the purchase of bitcoins to investments in some of the largest technology companies at an early stage.

„Bitcoin has a huge number of really smart and sophisticated people who believe in it. It’s like investing with Steve Jobs and Apple or investing early in Google,“ said Tudor Jones.

The billionaire, who reported on his investment in the leading cryptographic currency in May, said he „likes bitcoin even more than he did then“. In his opinion, the BTC rally is in its initial round.

Tudor Jones believes that the Federal Reserve’s policy of unprecedented quantitative easing is setting the stage for huge inflation. This is why he recommended trading in bitcoin futures as a protection for investors.

The billionaire confirmed that he has „small unambiguous investments“ in the first crypt currency.

Earlier he said that he kept 1-2% of his assets in bitcoin. The state of Tudor Jones is estimated at $5.1 billion.

In July, George Soros‘ former advisor said that he was „not surprised“ by the billionaire’s investments in the crypt currency.